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First, let me preface this by saying: I am not your physician and this is not a treatment plan: however, This is what I do for a living. I treat children psychiatrically. In MY professional opinion, ODD, is a bs diagnosis- what you are describing sounds like bipolar disorder. HOw long has he been taking Prozac, what dosage and who is prescribing. If it’s anyone other than a psychiatric treater, then I recommend seeing a psych provider, as soon as you can. Someone mentioned Prozac- Prozac can be ‘activating’. ESPECIALLY if someone has bipolar disorder. It can put someone into a manic episode, which may be what is going on here.

Check out the above link to show the similarities between Bipolar disorder and ADHD.
What else is going on in the home… Kids are not created in a vacuum. ADHD doesnt account for everything. I agree with the therapist-praise when something goes right… we often remark on what goes wrong-but rarely what is right… It takes conscious effort to remember to remark on the littlest “easy” moments. I have a 10 yr old and I say things (when I remember) like “thanks for brushing your teeth without a fight”… acknowledging what is good. To me, it sounds like your boy is just plain irritable. And honestly, it’s likely not his fault. I’d make an appointment with an appropriate treater ASAP. Does he sleep? Sleep is very important. Essentially, he feels powerless.. hence the power struggles…
poor kid and poor mom… hope it gets better soon.