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How do I get homework help for a 15 year old sophomore with ADHD executive functioning issues depression anxiety reading issues math disability and total inability 4 organization or long-term planning. IEP meeting and November, at a new school that requires Ipads be used all day and that all homework assignment should be posted in Aspen however they’re not being posted early enough for her her to get a head start or learn how to backtrack and plan for longer assignments. Most days I get notification of a below 60 grade in almost every class academically of which she supposed to have a sped teacher in each of those but they don’t seem to be helping her to keep up, break down longer projects, or realize that she has a tester quiz and breakdown study time appropriately for multiple academic classes in a way that is helping her achieve what she can when she receives all necessary supports. How can I get the sped teachers and her education teachers to put in assignments on Aspen more than a day ahead of time, especially if I already know she’s going to miss school time due to dodoctor’s appointments – even when I write a dismissal note ahead of time several weeks before this dismissal or tardy due to a appointment, specifically requesting that she get her assignments prior to said dismissal or tardy/out for day example Monday being out probably the whole school day for a hearing and asking for her assignment to be given to her by Friday before missing Monday! Answer I Always get told is to check Aspen however teachers postings are not there until the day of assignment to be done. How can I get prior notice put by the teachers in Aspen early enough for her exexecutive functioning issues?

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