Reply To: Desperately Seeking Testing help


Have her take the tests closer to the time period which she studies the math… That said, earlier in the day might be best, around 10am, as we’re usually more mentally optimal then…

She feels a disconnect/anxiety between studying and twhen the actual test is administered… Her tutoring & studying sessions might be too comfortable for her/relaxed. When the cold, stark chair/desk are sat in on test day, that can be startling… That’s how I always felt..

Also, have her meditate 5-15 minutes, teice a day. Once in the morning before the tests, and once around 8pm. Let it be meditation where any akdnall thoughts & emotions are free to run wil like horses running out of the fence gates, (not the meditation where the goal is to actively shoot down/repress thoughts — that’s too much energy). What’ll happen is the thoughts/horses start to die down/taper off finally.. and the brain starts to switch to a different brainwave pattern (i.e. alpha —> beta, etc. etc..) and this new brain state foundationally sets up a much better mental state that can approach & process/assimilate the feelings/emotions that scary test conditions/anticipations invariably produce. Especially when on stimulant treatment medication this early when it kicks in,any current mental/emotional state becomes an ADHD’er’s entire world for that moment.