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This is very helpful – I am so appreciative for this site. The information is exactly what our community needs so thank you VERY much for creating helpful environment for ADD/ADHD parent, people etc. I am facing the exact issue as ajsd – my 10yr just started a new school and is in 5th grade. The students have been using planners for years but he has not. He is recently diagnosed with ADHD and started Concerta 27mg this summer. The medication has made some improvements in behavior and focus but we face executive function challenges like the above which I know is not solved via meds. I am asking for an extra set of books as you recommended and some schoolwork provide over the weekend so we can get a head start. One twist we are experiencing is that he is focusing better in class and his “class clown” behavior is somewhat better BUT he is rushing through tests, not reading the instructions fully and getting D’s and F’s. We completed a summer reading program so i know his reading skills are at the level they need to be. His learning educator recommended we provide him with the ability to retake tests and if it improves his grade – they meet in the middle (1st =F, 2nd = B then his final grade should be a C) to boost his confidence and refine his test taking. My question for you is – is this lack of attention to detail common for a child who is a) new to medication and finally learning how to absorb materials in class without all the internal and external distractions and b) do you have any other recommendations? The answer from the pediatrician ALWAYS seems to be – let’s increase the dose. I appreciate your insights!