Reply To: Desperately Seeking Testing help


It is extremely important for you and all parents of ADHD kids to know that the progressive methodology for teaching math currently coming out of Education schools, in concert with the same ideology reflected in Common Core standards and Common Core-aligned math textbooks, is a living nightmare for ADHD kids who do not have typical working memory and organization skills.

Math curriculum programs such as “Everyday Mathematics” “Connected Math” “Eureka Math” (New York State) and the absolute worse, “College Preparatory Math-CPM” teach math as a “discovery” process in groups. That’s right, your ADHD kid is put into a group of peers that “discuss” problems and methods without FIRST being taught methods and what the major ideas are. There is NO DIRECT teaching of math concepts by the teacher, since the belief of this teaching theory is that kids will learn something better if they “discover” it themselves. Parents, Everyone, please, take a look at your child’s math textbook; spiraling non-related topics, no worked examples, not enough practice problems for mastery, wordy nonsensical problems, inefficient out-mode algorithms (i.e. matrix multiplication, breaking down tens, estimating and mental math). This is horrendous to put any kid through, let alone one with ADHD. This math is Hogwash. There is no Scientific, reproducible evidence that this theory of teaching works, yet it has propagated through our schools via the Common Core. Yes, perhaps there is a thing called Dyscalcula, but I suspect that the disproportionate increase in students being labeled with this math disability is a direct result of poor math curriculum choices, text books and teachers being force-fed this ideology when they likely know best what really works.

Your kid is essentially being taught by the other kids in the group. Math Intervention and Math RTI IS, ironically enough, taught in a direct manner and I suspect the tutor does as well. I recommend you do what I did for my ADHD kiddo; Pull them completely out of the regular math class and RTI and increase the 1:1 tutoring to five days a week. This will allow them to catch up and escape the stupidity that passes for math class today. It is a waste of your kids’ time.