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I knew we would eventually find each other! You must be my long lost twin. They say that twins have similar character traits (well I think it’s more like they have 2 distinct personalities ). You must be one of my many twins. Seriously though, I know we aren’t alone in what we do and how we function. The only reason I know this is because I am 50 now and I have learned how to sparkle with humour as well. I like to lighten the mood and deflect attention so I don’t have to explain why what happened, happened. It’s been a long walk on a gravel road in high heels. All through my life from a very young age I have had little stumbles and bigger stumbles. One of my most award winning ones was when I was 23 running after my
my husband of 28 years I missed the downgrade on the sidewalk and broke my ankle. My children always said when we were walking anywhere together I walked crooked. It’s like I would show my natural herding instinct and move them over. Yes it was funny, but it was embarrassing. My children have come to learn by experience that ADHD is very real and their mom has been blessed by it. My children now 23 and 25 know that they have had a mom who was consistent in only one thing, being fun and humorous. Often at the most inappropriate times. Ever joke and laugh when someone hurts themselves ? Yep. Well when I hurt myself because of my off kilter brain it isn’t funny at all. It can be humiliating and painful. I have shed many tears over my lifetime at my clumsiness. This summer I had a friend over and I was just standing there and almost fell over. She said can’t you stand up straight have you been drinking ? I said of course it’s 10 am and happy hour. I was just off balance like I had been thousands of times in my life. A few days later I fell in the pool just waking by in the dark. Lucky my husband was there and made sure I didn’t drown. I was bruised and sore after that I never leave comments on blogs or forums. I get an inkling to and then my goldfish attention span wins out and I’m off after the next bright and shiny thing that catches my attention. My son calls me a magpie because I love bright and shiny things, like glitter and tin foil. I took the time to share my experience with you because I know what you’re feeling. It’s not a pleasant feeling but know this, you aren’t alone. I know we aren’t alone either. So much for originality, sheesh.
Keep smiling toomanytabs – I would say keep your chin up but we both know that’s not a good idea since we might trip over what’s not there. 🙂