Reply To: Running out of patience..


Can anyone suggest work place accommodations, in an operating room environment? I have at least 5 rooms assigned to me pulse blood testing I do as needed. I am a anesthesia technician and L P N. When I get many calls for equipment or to clean a room for the next case from multiple rooms I get over whelmed because the department is not very well organized and there is not very good team work. I get reprimanded when my frustrations shows through. My supervisor knows I have adhd and sleep apnea that has a physiological effect on me that causes me to sigh a lot. This is interpreted as “attitude” and I am hearing impaired from my military service. This is also a reason I was placed on final warning. I have no history of progressive disciplinary issues, I have a clean record and I am always on time I am not a chronic call in sick. Can anyone make suggestions on accommodations with out causing undo hardships, People ( doctors, nurses, ) don’t get it. any help I would appreciate.