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Hi, I’m sorry to read that your son has developed some tics in his eyes. My daughter does have eye tics too and started getting these at around age 7 or 8 if my memory serves me correctly. Her eye tics are different from your son’s; in my daughter’s case her eyes can roll right back in her head very fleetingly, showing the whites of her eyes and it can look rather strange to an onlooker. Due to the nature of Tourette’s, her tics wax and wane (basically they can make an appearance for a short time, then disappear before reappearing weeks or months later). I’m really sorry that your son is being made fun of in school. Please don’t let that go – talk to your son’s headteacher. My daughter experienced terrible bullying because of her various tics and her confidence was badly affected. As a parent, there are times when I feel absolutely gutted for her but I cope by working towards making every day better for her by educating myself & my husband and getting her school to understand and support her.

For many years, we did not realise that what my daughter had were tics. We thought they were just ‘habits’ and that she would grow out of them. The tics were so infrequent at the start that I didn’t even think of visiting the doctor. It was only when she hit her teens that the tics increased in nature and frequency so she was referred for assessment. My advice to you is go with your gut instinct and if you feel a second opinion is necessary, seek it out. There have been times when my daughter was seen by a GP but because she wasn’t ticcing (she held them in), they wouldn’t take my concerns seriously. Once we left the surgery, all the tics started to make an appearance! You know your son best. You could try and keeping a tic diary and maybe video any tics to take along to a future appointment. That’s what I did.