Reply To: Generic Adderall


Hello Everyone,

Morgan 73

Im so sorry for your struggles. Oh boy can I relate to having “crazy hormones”-I’m now 54 – and those have evened out some after a very difficult menopause and then hysterectomy. I’ll hope you find the relief you so crave – I truly do. Being a mom and a wife too – I know my hormonal struggles along with ADHD sometimes had me less patient then I know I’m capable of being. I don’t know how old your kiddos are – mine are teenagers and one is off to college. So in my 40s-they were growing up and quite young in my early 40s. Along with the ADHD – Ive had periods of depression and also anxiety. I found Lahmictal helped me with evening out my mood – (verbal aggression from ADHD medications has been a side effect for me too unfortunately). Inconsistencies among generic medications certainly don’t help. As you already know – finding a medication or medications that are helpful is a very individual search. I tried quite a few medications before hitting upon the ones that have been helpful to me.

I worry sometimes about all the young kids out there who aren’t able to really describe if they are having a bad experience with a generic ADHD medication. This wasn’t my situation but I often will wonder how those little ones could be affected by all this variance amongst different generic ADHD medications!

Weirdly my most recent refill of the Aurobindo Adderral 10mg IR seems to be helping my ADHD challenges. Sigh, who knows what next month will bring. Name brands are completely out of my financial reach as well – so here we are stuck with varying generics. I wonder if they even make name brand Adderral IR! If so, I’d imagine it would be wildly expensive.

I hope your AdderralXR with the Celexa will help you. I really do. (How frustrating for you too- to have had the Corepharm helping-only to be switched to Aurobindo that was not helping you). I wish you all the best. I believe you will find the relief you so badly want. There is hope – just keep on searching for what will help you. My thoughts are to keep on trying different things- The motto progress not perfection always gives me a little peace. Also learning some mindfleness and cognitive therapy skills have been helpful in dealing with my ADHD and well, (and life in general. I will keep you in my thoughts that you find the medications and other strategies that help you feel better.