Reply To: Physical Aggression


Good lord thank goodness I found my squad..I am going thru the same thing but I have a 9 year old with ADHD and ODD that just reared its ugly head.. I have been told Im a bad mom..he hates me etc etc have had things thrown at me and doors slammed all day long..the new thing is leaving the house and walking dow the street if I follow him he runs so basically I sit and watch him so cars don’t hit him..I am broken down emotionally and still try to have a smile at my high pressure job I have..we are trying therapy again..I have read the books etc and my child doesn’t even care if he doesn’t get rewarded for something he just does without..Then if I tell him no and try to explain to him why he goes off in a rage and the neighbors think Im abusing him..I am working with his drs on meds and therapy so hopefully we can find an answer..but its nice to know I am not alone