Reply To: Generic Adderall


I used to have great results with corepharma and have been on that generic for over a year. As of late that particular brand has been harder to get. Every pharmacy always changes there generic because of pricing so I was told. MYLAN and AUROBINDO to me are horrible, absolutely do nothing and give me severe headaches. I told my doctor to switch me to generic adderall xr to see if that would work better. I take 60mg daily and also on 20mg of generic Celexa to help with the aggression side effect. Good Luck on your journey because it is always an uphill battle with meds. I can’t afford name brand medication because my 1300 a month Insurance won’t cover it. Having this condition, being over 40, a wife, a mom and a women with crazy hormones I don’t see any relief in my future. I hope you can find the right balance because I have yet to.