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I work in the medical field. I work as an anesthesia technician/L P N. I basically clean the anesthesia related equipment after surgical procedures are completed. I also run blood tests and trouble shoot the equipment as needed. I have multiple operating room assignments at one time. Its just the way it is for all of us. We relieve each other for a 45 minute lunch and that increases the number of operating rooms to be responsible for. I also have sleep apnea and get out of breath, and I am hearing impaired from the Army. My supervisor has received numerous complaints from doctors and nurses regarding my conduct, how they perceive me when I am amped up, because I get over whelmed with being called to multiple rooms at the same time. The department is very disorganized and lacks adequate team work. I was put on final warning because of a recent reprimand, I have a clean record not write ups. what work accommodations can I ask for that a hospital can provide without undo hardships or un-reasonable requests. I am in a difficult environment, they know about my challenges so does H.R, as well as the office for disability support for employees. when I try to defend myself to my supervisor all I get is invalidated and Its my fault in the end. There are many distractions during the performance of my duties, which frustrates me even more because it is caused by coworkers that are lazy. I am told that the complaints are from how people interpret me, or I ask the people calling me over the cell phones we are given for the block of operating rooms assigned. It can get busy really quick, and this is the nature of the beast. My coworkers are not very sympathetic to my challenges which adds to the anxiety and stress I am under. Can anyone please tell me what accommodations can I ask for. thank you Glen