Reply To: Undiagnosed but OMFG


Same thing here except I am 60 years old. Started adderall 2 weeks ago and also very motivated and I am able to do some of the things in the category of “the world won’t end if I don’t do this today”. The medical people pushed in the direction of depression and anxiety. I tried several meds and they all sent me in the wrong direction. I have more of an attention imbalance than a deficit. I am also a very productive worker with no ability to do what you call admin type things. My light bulb moment was when I figured out that what I called anxiety was really hyperactivity. I would wait until I was really tired to go to bed but as soon as I put my head down I needed to get up. xanax works if I use it at bedtime on an as needed basis not every day. Sometimes just having the xanax in the house helps. I coped for all this time but I was up to 2 pots of coffee a day to keep attention. Hyperactivity as well as digestive problems got to me. I have started to sleep better which is really important for me as I age. I think the adderall will help me cut way back on the coffee. The whole sleeping better and allocating my attention better should improve my life. Now I have to deal with the issue of all the lost time and I hope you realize that there must be people who never find out. I hope you make the most of life without too much stress.