Reply To: Focalin XR


Here is the link to the copay card: If I’m understanding all the terms correctly, it will cover up to $60.00 of your copay to make your co-pay $10 per month. Our insurance technically covers the Focalin XR but its such a high co-pay that we can’t afford it, especially with the premium increases we had this year.

If it helps anyone – I also found co-pay cards for Zenzedi, Evekeo, Daytrana, Quillivant XR and QuilliChew ER. Trying to get as many options as possible to speak with the doctor about. I hate having to go into the doctor’s office and not be able to walk out with whatever prescription he thinks is best. Instead I have to walk in with a list of prescriptions I know we can afford. UGH! Dang insurance!!