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It is past time for me to review these and make some changes but the below list is what I currently have on file for both my ADHD and Graves Disease accommodations. The FMLA related ones are for the Graves. Happy to share any other info about the process. And really interested in other’s ideas!!! I work in cubicle hell in the IT department for a large hospital.

Her department presently allows the following flexibility for its employees as long as the
expectations of the job are met:
Flexible work schedules
Liberal use of approved leave time
Ability to work from home
Rest breaks are available as needed
Her department has made interim accommodations for her by moving her desk.
She presently uses headphones in an effort to reduce noise/distractions. Her
department will order specific “noise reduction” headphones — Amanda will obtain a
recommendation from her doctor for the headphones.
Her supervisor will schedule a weekly meeting to touch base with Amanda — meeting
should last no longer than 30 minutes. Amanda will notify her supervisor when such
weekly meetings are no longer needed.
Her department has begun furnishing written minutes from meetings, etc., and have
plans to continue this practice.
Current process is working with how the agenda is documented, which creates more
structured meetings.
Mary Nell Donoho will submit FMLA paperwork to Amanda to complete as it relates to
her Graves Disease and associated episodes which prevent her from working.