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Hi beautiful young man. I think you are highly intelligent and amazing. This is my very first post to ADDitude……Only discovered it yesterday. As they say “better late than never” but sure could have done with it at thirteen!…I am 82yr old Aussie lady and only just realising I have had ADHD all my life!!! Thank God this Forum exists for you it will be such an enormous help and resource throughout your life. I understand your hurt feelings SO much. Please stay strong and believe in your good self it will be your greatest resource. My father had no time for me, more and more now I have come to see he had ADD in buckets. Was always telling me I “was worthless, no good, sell you for sixpence, useless” on and on. Belting me with a razor strop, ignoring and rejecting me completely. Telling you all this so you know NOW he had the problem and you have suffered from his abuse. You exprss yourself so well I am greatly impressed. Hold your head high. Look for caring folk to guide you young man. You are one GREAT KID! I have been married for 58yrs have great husband ( also with ADD ) four children in their 50’s and six grandchildren. Do so hope “someone” gets through to your father how damaging his behaviour is to you. Hang in there young man you will definitely be held in my prayers that the “right” people come into your life very soon. With much love in my heart for you ❤️ 🙏