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Your post cut me deeply. But what also struck me was how proud you should be of yourself. By actively using a planner and switching from a binder to an accordion file, you are finding your own strategies to help in class. That is incredible. That shows you care, and that type of determination will help you throughout your life.

While it may seem that every other child with ADHD is doing fine, realize that ADHD is different for everyone and the challenges are different as well.

As a parent, I’d like to say absolutely nothing is wrong with you. ADHD brings challenges but it also brings unique strengths. Find your strengths and then find ways to highlight those strengths. And find your support person, maybe that person is a family member, a Coach, a therapist, a special ed teacher – whoever you can connect to. Lastly, find your passion and then find people who share your passion. While this doesn’t sound like great strategies to help you in class, I’m a firm believer that once you are overall happier, the day just gets a little easier. And passions lead to some of the most satisfying careers.

If you currently have a therapist, I would encourage you to also have the discussion with him or her. If you do not have a therapist, I would encourage you to discuss your feelings with a trusted adult.