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Hi guys some really interesting posts here!
One thing I know is ADHD or mental illness is genetical. My dad cannot sit down and focus on a TV show with mum without his mind wandering off. He also becomes obsesssive with certain things which has caused a lot of issues in our family. For example he became obsessed with work/money for the last five years and kept dwelling on a job he lost years ago. Dad And Mum talk about getting degrees and having money For years on end which has effected me mentally. I’ve got to the stage where I can’t tLk to them about those issues which you should go to your parents for.
With my career I’ve struggled big time. I’m 25 and don’t yet have a bachelor degree and unsure of my career. Out of all the jobs I’ve had, I’ve never been promoted and have struggled to understand. I’ve worked in an office in Logistics and hated it, mainly because I was sitting down all day and I hated the meetings. I was so scared to say something in them as I was so tired plus I was completely depressed.

One job I have recently got is a Sports Instructor for 2-6 years olds and it’s by far the best and most satisfying job I’ve ever had. Heaps of people have always said throughout the years it great with children and maybe they were right. I think the one thing that makes me so good with them is I can be myself and I feel so comfortable around them all. My sense of humour works with them well as I act childish half the time anyway..
I want to pursue a career with children but I don’t know what. I’m thinking Primary School Teaching but I’m so scared that I’ll forget or do something wrong making me look like a complete idiot…does any other user here work with children?

And another user mentioned hyperfocus…I can become obsessed with things to the point where they overtake my’s bad if it’s a negative thing. I guess whenever I feel like this I try and look at positives and say things could be worse.