Reply To: Physical Aggression


Thank-you so much to everyone. I always feel like the odd mom out in my group of friends so it feels somewhat good (though sad) that I am not alone. She had neuropsych testing just last week, I get the results Thursday and am anxiously awaiting them. I know that she is frustrated, but she will never talk about it with us or with her therapist. I tell her all the time (as does my husband) that we are here for her, we will let her talk about anything that is troubling her and she just always replies with “I don’t know.”

“The trigger I see in him is whenever I say NO to something he wants. Could be a game he wants, a meal from a restaurant after I’ve cooked or something that I think he’s not ready for yet. More recently he wanted a cell phone. Other triggers are when I ask him to do daily things such as bathe, do homework, go to bed or lower his voice or change his attitude as he has become quite rude in his responses, as well as cruel in his remarks”

This is my daughter word for word. Her physical aggression is not nearly as bad as her verbal, but same thing. Our psychologist is fine (she also has a psychiatrist), but they are only as good as they can be when she refuses to acknowledge that she does this stuff to them or just plain won’t talk about it. I honestly never knew ADHD could be so draining.

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