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Awe man, this is a hard one! I’m 36 and I still struggle in the mornings… I often late in high school, and even a bit in college. I hate to admit it, but facing the stress of the consequences of my habits is what helps me break the pattern. I.E. – getting in trouble in school, with a professor, or getting in trouble at work. I still haven’t found my golden solution.

However, I do find it helpful to set multiple alarms with different sounds on my phone. I also use an app that goes off as soon as it detects that you are in a light enough pattern of sleep to wake you up. “Sleep Cycle” is what I use currently, and it has a basic free option. If I set my alarm to go off at 7:00AM, it will start trying to sense when I’m in the right cycle to wake between 6:30AM and 7:00AM. This usually wakes me up enough to take my morning medicine that helps me to get going.

I’ll be candid and still rely on some help from my mom when I was at home, my sister in college (we were roommates), and now my fiance during those times I go through a period of insomnia. Either way… it’s certainly rough.