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I’m a single mom with 2 boys 8&10. Both have ADHD and oldest also has ODD. I hear you on having a difficult time. We also live with my father who also has ADHD. I did a lot of behavioural intervention on myself while in University with a counsellor. I have A LOT of healthy organizational skills I have learned from that time. Despite this I’m struggling every day with my boys. I went unmedicated until this year when I started to feel like I was always in catastrophe mode.

I’m curious does anyone know if puberty changes how an ADHD child copes. My oldest son seems to be struggling with more impatience and impulsiveness than before. He is unmedicated because we are unschooling/homeschool. So we have a fairly project based . . . interest based learning approach. Just wanted to say I get what all of you are going through. you are not alone.