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I forget stuff, and I just acknowledge that. If I forget an appointment and don’t want to go, I try to cancel if I can. Like I would have called the doc to reschedule first if I could before trying to leave work early. I feel this is the reason I’m getting discriminated against now that I’m a mom, because other mom’s leaving work because of their kids. I usually end up cancelling 75% of my appointments and missing about 1-5%, this is just how I am, unless it’s important, I reschedule. When I make the appointment it feels über important, but a lot of the time a few days or week before it’s no longer as important as I felt. It might still, in reality be important. This can be estimates for repairs or a doctor appointment. Dental appointments I try to keep, because I hate hate hate the dentist and try to put it off. Mental health appointments I try to keep because I’m mentally ill, or at the very least struggling right now. If it’s an appointment for my child I usually don’t cancel, I usually don’t forget. But I do write stuff on the fridge calendar and put it in my reminders on my phone. I generally try to ask for time off the same day I make the appointment so I don’t forget. Thing is, we all forget, and as parents and spouses it’s so damn stressful, it takes a toll on our memory. Try not to beat yourself up, I think that will actually make it work. Instead own it, I’m forgetful, I guess I just need to take extra steps to remember appointments or special dates, that’s ok, and if I still forget that’s ok too, we live in a busy unrealistic world that wants perfection, will this matter 100 years from now? Probably not, just be kind to you and those who mean the most to you and if there’s any left to spare, strangers too. Sending you good energy and love!