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Hi to both moms,
I recently found out that I have and ADHD, and I am adult in 50’s…
I hope this reference may help you it help me,
check Mel Robinson “5 Second Rule” website,
go to blogs or her you tube videos, lady is very good,
her principle help me with my issues as consequences from ADHD.
Check her blog where she talks about prioritization and to do list,
and other website where she talks of before going to bed wright down the tasks ones
you will do anyhow through day (e.g. breakfast, cloths to wear, what laundry), so your brain
doesn’t get overloaded, so you don’t waste time on them in morning figuring out, and follow through,
stick on sticker and glue to your smartphone on back, and do it and check once done.
Remember trick is count 5,4,3,2,1 and do it, trick the brain…

I implement this and feel much better.
Good luck and hope it helps….