Reply To: confused and trying my hardest


Thank you guys so much. I’ve been feeling hopeless and overwhelmed and now I feel a bit better. My sons next psychiatrist appt is Nov. 17th then he sees his pediatrician the week after. Any suggestions as to what I can bring with me to help them understand what is going on and how bad it is getting. I cry and night and feel so lost as a parent cus I can’t help or control my own kid and I hate getting mad at him. I have been keeping a journal of each day now and I have taken videos of his “tantrums” and when he is soo hyper. I myself was just diagnosed with ADHD which explains why I had such a hard time. And I was able to hold it together in school but until now I didn’t understand my learning problems and day dreaming constantly was part of my ADHD. Any suggestions on what I can bring or show my sons doctors would be very helpful. Thank you again to all of you <3