Reply To: confused and trying my hardest


I had a Neuropsychological Evaluation done on my son when he was 5. In order to complete the evaluation, the doctor had to get input from parents, teachers and caregivers about behaviors they see when the child is in their care. It also included the doctor’s observations. While my son exhibited signs of ADHD at that young age, the doctor was hesitant to give that diagnosis since he was also found to be Borderline Intellectual Functioning and the doctor said he was hesitant because my son was only 5 at the time. In the end, it turned out that ADHD-combined type (diagnosised officially in 3rd grade) was the correct diagnosis and once treatment for ADHD began his intellectual functioning went through the roof.

However, the Neuropsyc Eval was an opportunity for me to give my input on what I saw at home. My son’s counselor was not able to perform the eval but she was able to refer us to someone who was.