Reply To: Physical Aggression


Millysmom: I am raising my grandson, a child with ADHD, executive function disorder, OCD, DMDD (a mood disorder similar to bi-polar disorder), an explosive disorder, and a couple more similar disorders. My grandson was neglected as an infant and toddler. Anger has been a never-ending issue since he came to live with me at 3 years old. This year he turned 12 years old. Life is getting harder and harder for me to live with him. More than a year ago my grandson would be doing great for a long period of time, then he would become volatile. He was aggressive and angry during these volatile episodes. At one point he kicked new piece of furniture (bending the leg way in) and then broke that leg off the table. I was laying on my bed. He came over by me with the table leg raised over his head ready to bean me with it. Several times during the year he pinned me down in on my bed during these episodes. He has taken medications and we have been in counseling for a long time. We did find out one of the things that would set him off and that was watching certain things and playing certain games on U-tube. Things improved for a while but the serious aggression has returned with a vengeance. My grandson will not let me leave the room, he tells me to shut up and when I do he gets really angry when I won’t answer. He circled my arms to my sides and refused to let me go almost toppling me to the floor. He wouldn’t let me go until I told him he was going to miss his bus. My grandson’s counselor has told me that my grandson needs to be held accountable for his actions or things will only get worse. The other night he hit me over the head with something hard. I ended up calling the police. The officers talked a long time with my grandson and I. I have been told that if I don’t follow-through with contacting the police when my grandson is doing these things to me that he will eventually kill me. Don’t let your daughter continue to abuse you. Help her by realizing you can’t continue to take the abuse and then call for help from the authorities. This was not an easy thing to do but we have to realize we aren’t helping them by continuing to allow them to abuse us.

My grandson had a neuropsychological testing that included the BASF and BRIEF done.