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I have great news for those of you with Android phones. (This will be available for those with I-phones before too long, I am also told). There is a great
Phone App called: Vital Tones for ADD for Adults. I am not sure why it is not available for kids. (They may be afraid it is too powerful. You could send an
email and ask if curious:
Anyway, I have been using this downloadable sound therapy system for several months with remarkably dramatic positive results. It is very affordable, as well!
(About $10 one time).
What you get: You get three 20 minute sound tracks. Everyone gets the first one for FREE to see if you feel it is helpful. You listen with headphones, not while
There are little pulsing sounds. If you have ADD they feel “good.” If you don’t, they feel annoying! (At least so others have told me).
Vital Tones has provided a protocol. You listen to track 1 on day one. track 2 on day 2, and track 3 on day three. Then you cycle back through that
a number of times. About 108 actual sessions is the total process. After a couple of weeks of cycling through those one a day, you begin to wean off, placing a space between the sessions, and then elongating that space. (It is all spelled out when you get your order).
I have gone about 50 sessions so far and my life has dramatically and positively improved! I am beginning to get the house clean and organized, I am able to focus
on projects, I am happier and more confident, the load of shame I’ve carried for not being “good enough” is lifting. It is like someone turned the “lights on” in my
very good brain. I am 69 and have tried almost everything from Brain Gym to Holosync. This is the FIRST REAL POSITIVE CHANGE I’ve EVER EXPERIENCED for ADD.

I am weeping with joy. Literally! Please feel free to share your feedback with me after you’ve tried it. (There is a likelihood that this will be available again on IPhone in about 3 weeks from now. Keep checking back if you have that model). Give this a chance folks. It is a gradual shift. Don’t stop after two sessions and say it doesn’t work….be patient. I noticed quite a bit of progress about the second week. It deepened about one month in. Now its almost totally solid “normalized” …in about 2 to 3 months. If you skip a session (which I have a few times), I just go back to the last one and restart the protocol from where I left off. Be patient with yourself. It will come together! Feel free to email me directly if you wish: