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Hi! I understand what you mean as similar experience has happened to me. However, how do you feel when you are at work/ doing the type of work that you often make mistakes at? Do you reply enjoy the woek that you do? Because if you do definitely find out how you can get accommodations and stand up for them -politely but firmly. I work with individuals with disabilities and children with autism, and have taken Deaf studies and through this that the most important thing to getting accommodations is self advocacy. ( or advocacy/allyship I general). People often have a hard time seeing past their own issues and problems, as well as the things they do well at and therefore when other people have difficultoes it’s hard to sympathize. Especially if you are successful in other areas of your life. So they may not be willing to follow through, or will delay getting you the accommodations you need and deserve. But if you are adamant about it in a way that is calm and confident they will help you-especially if you are open with them about how exactly not having those accommodations affect you/your work. Because you have already been working there you are kind of at an advantage because they don’t have the ability say you are unqualified for the position in order to save costs on whatever accommodations you might need ( such as special technology like dragon dictation) because you have a diagnosis and it would be unethical and potentially illegal for them to let you go. Having said that if you are stressed keeping up with the work and are only working it because you’ve been doing it for a while or because the money is good or whatever reason, and not because you enjoy it I would say find a different job. There are MANY companies and forms of work that are perfect for someone who is a creative people person that you might like better and be better suited for. Obviously most people can’t just up and leave their jobs due to financial reasons bUT if this sounds more like how your work is I would consdr saving up enough to live off for a bit, volunteering in areas that it interest you if you can aND see if a career change is a good idea for you. If you are spending most of your workday stressed out about making errors then that’s alot of your life spent stressed about something that could be easly fixed by figuring out where your skills are needed most ( and of course a place that you enjoy- maybe it’s the same type of work but with a more forgiving employer? Cause just because this person thinks you can’t handle the job doesn’t mean that you can’t find a place where they work with you to make sure you can)( but ya being upfront and transparent and even if you can explain a bit of how ADD works within the brain chemistry that cold help. I find alot of people respond if I explain what happens in the add brain- cuz all the pieces kind of start to fall into place and make sense.