Reply To: neurologist or psychiatrist?


My 11yr old grandson had/is going through the same thing with Prozac. We are raising him. He has ADHD, depression & anxiety. He has a mix, I believe, of mental health and behavioral issues. This summer the psychiatrist, through our Childrens hospital, put him on Zoloft. After 4-6 weeks, we saw one good week at the beginning. Next up- Prozac. Never, ever again. For 2 weeks he was phasing out Zoloft and taking a half dose of Prozac. Again- one good week. All downhill after that. ESPECIALLY when them doubled his dose after 2 weeks and then doubled again a few weeks later. I saw our wonderful grandson turn into a scary, aggressive, violent child. I could see a difference for a few hours after I gave him his daily dose. Those few hours after he took- out came a mean, aggressive and sometimes violent child. It’s been about 2 weeks since I physically could not give him one more Prozac. He was changed over to celexa. I haven’t seen any change in him yet and it is only a half dose for 2 weeks, but the aggressive,violent child is still here. Last weekend he was hospitalized for a meltdown, which is now a potential part of our daily life. We never know what each day will bring. He threatens to run away and/or kill himself on a daily basis. We are slowly, through our grandsons school (who are amazing by the way) and support from his counselor, learning how to deal with these meltdowns, and to differentiate between a mental health issue, which requires the hospital, and a behavioral issue, which may require the police. We now know this is on the table and it’s real. This has now taken over our house on a daily basis and for all of our sanity, has to be handled. My husband and I both feel like we both are traumatized after these last few months, but on the rare day when you see what he’s capable of in the future, even if it doesn’t last long, empowers you to keep going, keep looking for answers, keep finding support, which I can’t say enough is HUGE and you will go nowhere fast without. I have cell phone numbers for his teachers and even the bus driver- I communicate all day long. Keep those lines flowing. They all keep telling me it gets worse before it gets better and I pray all of you find the strength to keep going. These kids didn’t ask for this. Good luck to all.