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Totally with you there. I work a regular full time job in IT and then have another full time occupation rescuing snakes, so I work all day without a lunch break, then patrol roads for most of the night, and I have two critters at home that need care and attention. It’s a struggle for me to even manage basic household chores. When I THINK I’m going to sit down and eat breakfast, there’s a cat howling as loudly as he can for me to just sit down with him and a tortoise scrabbling at his door begging to either be hand fed or go for a walk. If by some miracle I actually have a few free minutes, it’s almost impossible to rise above the overwhelmed thing and actually do anything productive. I think that’s just how ADD works. I’ve heard that it’s easier with treatment, for those who can afford it, though, so if you have insurance, you might see about talking to a doctor about meds or counseling.