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I was on Concerta 54mg for about 6 months. I saw a lot of improvement in my function and concentration. TThen I went off of it for 2 years to have a baby and breastfeed. When I went back on it I started experiencing binge behavior about 8 hours after I took it. I also seemed to have worse insomnia. So my Dr switched me to Ritalin La 20mg 2x a day. I take the first dose before I get out of bed at 630am and the second at 2pm. This has worked for me much better. And as long as I don’t stay up too late I find it very easy to sleep. I have had insomnia my entire life and have found the only thing that helps is stimulant medication. I also switched to an all plant based diet which seems to help with overall energy throughout the day.

This is just my personal experience. I hope it helps.