Reply To: Homework reminders


So I had a meeting with the teacher this morning and we went over the class work and homework so I know what is happening..BUT I see there is gonna be a little problem with reminders for him she still feels they are in 4th grade and should be taking more responsibility on but I did remind her he’s not a typical 4th grader with ADHD we are literally looking at around 7 years we agreed on a check list for the day for him to hole punch when its the end of day to remember to put stuff in his backpack also books are available online thru the schools website so no needing to lug all heavy books home..yeah..So I think we made progress but I still will be meeting with the RSP teacher about a talk to text because it seems a lot of frustration is about having to read then write..which to me has Dysgraphia written all over it..The iceberg graphic was fantastic..thank you..