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I am a first-time poster as well. Newly diagnosed and working with a psychiatrist who was treating me originally for my bi-polar disorder. I am an executive assistant to a Dean of a college. First boss left 6 months ago with no reviews, no feedback, no expectations for my work. Now I have a very organized, driven boss who is managing us thru a consolidation with a bigger university. AND in 3.5 months I will have yet another boss.
Current boss wrote a scathing performance review of how many mistakes I have made (spelling names wrong in emails etc) which basically point to my lack of preparedness and failure to understand and carry-out verbal instructions. Current boss indicates that she thinks I am a this point not “up to the task” of working for the new Dean of this bigger university division.
I have been let go two other times in my life for similar instances and live with alot of shame over those times. And I have also job hopped my entire 30 years of working. Luckily the psychiatrist suggested that ADD may well be the problem. I have started on Vyvanse and am learning as much as possible about techniques for listening and writing down verbal instructions. Any help in that area would be much appreciated! Planners, Better note taking, naything
I am a creative “people person” at my best. And sometimes I wonder if this is a completely wrong job for me.
I am supposed to complete the ADA paperwork for our HR department but have no idea what kind of accomodations to ask for. Please help me!