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When the topic of ADHD in adults became popular in the news years ago, I believed I had it. One visit to a psychologist was all it took to help me stop forgetting appointments, paying bills, and people’s names. It was advised to me to use a large, loose-leaf daily planner with a 2 page-a-day style and to write everything important down so I didn’t struggle and mess up keeping information in my head! It was magic! The only thing I have to remember is to use it and a sticky note behind the bedroom, bathroom and front door reminds me. An electronic planner does not work….writing information down helps me to visually reinforce the confidence that I won’t forget. As soon as I stop using it daily, my symptoms and anxiety escalate. It also helps keep all new important info in one place such as who the new phone number belongs to and the date and place you met a new friend. I keep a short diary of my activities and feelings here, too.