Reply To: Homework reminders


I have requested an extra copy of the books he would need to bring home like his math workbook or his social studies text so that when he conveniently “forgot” I would have what he needed already at home. I’ve offered to purchase them each year but the teacher has always provided me with extra copies. You might also see if she could simply email you what the homework will be a week at a time or send home packets for the week instead of giving them to him daily. My son never brought anything home in 4th and 5th grade. Ever. The teacher would put it in his backpack and he would take it out and shove it in his desk, cubby or the trash before leaving school. He’s in middle school now and uses a planner app on his iPad and that seems to work great for him (paper planners were always left blank)but guessing that’s not an option in 4th grade.