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BBLK, I feel like a whiner when I look at your list. My son is getting all of this and more. When I reflect on his needs, two things stand out: 1) his learning disability in math, and 2) the incessant Chromebook use. He tests very low in math, and right now he is mainstreamed in a normal 6th grade classroom. He does have several aides, and he also has a second math period in which he is given a lot of help with understanding the concepts. I personally think his failing grades are due to being overwhelmed, but it also seems that he has very low motivation as well right now. Also, has anyone noticed issues with ADHD and a lot of computer usage in the schools? This is probably a totally different topic and belongs in its own string. My son plays around with the computer instead of using it for his work, and his friend who also has ADHD told me that the computer usage “speeds up” his brain even faster.

deb91, Thanks for the info on the KY school.

ADHDmomma, I just read Gina’s story. Beautiful! I will look up the school as well. Many thanks!