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Hi there! We have had the same issues, I think it is very common. It seemed like everyone else was getting the benefit of my Son being on his meds but his family at home. Mornings were awful and evenings worse. We tried the Daytrana patch and it has made a HUGE difference for us.

He doesn’t seem to have the harsh “peak” like he did with all of the pills we tried (Focalin was the best and last). He also eases out of his meds in the evening really nicely without the crash. I put the patch on him as soon as he has showered in the morning and take it off when I give the night time meds. We do Melatonin and just added a little Clonidine for sleep and so far everything is really working great!

I also made a chart for morning routine to take myself out of the morning craziness. He is 10 so I feel like he should be able to get himself completely ready for school at this age. He checks off each item he needs to do to get ready, AFTER he completes it. It is very detailed to help him. At the end of the week if he has completed each day successfully, he gets a special treat (ice cream, movie, etc.). I tell him Mom needs lots of coffee and time to wake up, so if he can do all of this on his own, I not only will be proud, but we won’t have the morning struggles. He is doing amazing and has really taken to it. Now I am out of the loop, he is proud of himself and he is learning the responsibility and routine of getting ready for school. Win-win.

Good luck and hang in there!