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I’m also a 26 year old woman, but mainly the inattentive/anxious type adhd…until night time, then I can’t switch off and literally have to walk around or my legs go mental!

I know it’s different, but I wondered if you had talked about phenergen (an antihistamine) I was a prescribed to help with rebounding like a mmaniac at night time…and also mood sstabilisers? They’ve helped me a lot. I’m not a psychiatrist so wouldn’t reccommend aanything,of course,just wondered if youd had these conversations with your doctor….

On the non medicated side, I have found valerian very helpful just to calm me down a bit (it’s a herb – you can get it in tablet, liquid extract or even tea bag form)… Regular runs to get the impulsive adrenaline out…and also mindfulness, just for a few minutes every now and then. I’ve also been reading about magnesium supplements, which I think might be helpful, but haven’t tried yet.

Lots of luck to you 🙂