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Think of ADD in the most ridiculously positive way you could never see yourself doing. Crazy, right? Well, back in my first post in this thread, I mentioned something about my urgings to play Jimmy Buffett tunes on YouTube. We ADDers might all be crazy and full of it like my doc said, “in spades,” but so what if it drives others crazy at times, so long as we don’t too wrapped up in it all, we won’t be “goin’ insaaaaannnne” as Jimmy loves to stretch it out in “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes,” (or is it the other way ’round?) We can allow ourselves to get all worked up over the whole doggone alphabet soup array of related disorders, those “co-morbids” that upon first reading the word “co-morbid” itself will send a chill up n’ down our spines. And to what effect? Some of these related disorders are extremely powerful that once they can be allowed by our brains (and yes, sometimes our will even though we don’t mean to let it happen) and once that happens, especially if you’re trying to shake and leave behind (permanently I hope) some very bad memories . . . there’s going to be a lot of hard emotional gear switching in between. But if you’re looking for some comic relief to help you get your mental and emotional machine moving forward, think of our ADD’d minds as standard shift transmissions and it’s your luck to be driving a Ford, the most difficult of ’em all. Lots of strong legwork and right arm work. (Or to be easier, think of yourself as a VW Beetle, Toyota or Honda and spoil yourself. Imagine yourself stuck behind a light and you’re facing a steep uphill and you know what that means. Fast thinkin’ and fast leg n’ arm working to do. The first few times you’ll probably botch it and the car will talk back hard and fast. Over time, you’ll get the hang of it by developing your own shifting tricks. I guess they call those “hacks” nowadays. (So long as nobody’s hacking on your computer just before pay day.) Seriously … when you look at the crazy example I gave, what’s the most significant part of the whole process that’ll help you with ADD, OCD, or whatever, even Bipolar, and yes, that can be licked with our human help.
Hmmmm, maybe let’s look at that gear box again. Gotta start somewhere, and it’s usually first gear. Nothing will happen to make our days more positive unless we take that first step. Period. It could be as “small” as taking our meds, or making sure the pets are all fed before we make our coffee and breakfast. (Guaranteed, cats, esp. cats, will never let you off the hook of their specialty treatment, the staring eyed guilt trip. Those are guilt trips we can’t just plunk in our history files. Gotta feed those suckers or you’ll pay dearly for it.
It all comes down to making that one crucial decision to take that first step … whether we like or want to or not. When we make the decision, we’re in control and from that point on, our confidence increases, or knowledge increases and so do our skills, and what does that do again for our confidence? Inescapable life improver moments 101 in a nutshell.
Well, the pros are ready to pounce on me for making it appear all too simple and I have to ‘fess, they have a point, but somewhat. After all, there’s no positive movement to gain by repeating the same old dumb first steps we know by now which got us nowhere. So let me back track a bit and say, “Make your first step a thinking first step.” I have to have a morning clear of negative thoughts and problems early in the morning when the most ideal time for thinking happens for anybody. Take a walk. Do something with your pets outdoors to get some fresh air and go back in and think, reflect, pray, you name it. Prayer always helps to keep us grounded and focused on Whom we really need and honor for the long run of things.
One way to get rid of “injustice fixation” is to simply get fixated on something entirely different than what’s been bugging you for a while because you’ve allowed it to. Yep, despite all our medical conditions which allow for plenty of explanations for why we did or didn’t do sometime in our pasts. The key is to not let them become excuses or allow them to rile us so much that we can easily forget the good we’re trying to accomplish now. That saying by Christ about trying to hoe a straight line forward while looking backwards is in many ways so practical for use in many many other way and instances. (Think also about the difficulties of trying to listen to something important at the same time somebody’s trying to get something across to you. Good luck. LOL, it’s usually the first serving for any doozy of an argument that’s been cooking for some time already.
Don’t hate having ADD. Embrace it and make it work for you. Find what you really excel in, keep at it and stay (reasonably focused.) That’s my simple Rx for that. But hating something that’s neurologically wired into your system is like hating your eye and hair colors. It’s you. Make your ADD work for you and you’ll see improvements. Can’t say how soon, but you will see ’em happen.
Good luck! Now I have a six year old grandson to tame before he tames me.