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Hi 2wheelz,

And now I will continue with what helped and what did not.
I started with ritalin, that didn’t work (I have adhd-pi, by the way), just got me really agitated and a very high bloodpressure.
Then started with dex, very low dose, because of my strong reaction to ritalin. It made me relaxed, not so tired anymore, my headaches (and later migraines almost) vanished, and my memory improved dramatically over a few weeks. After a few months my mood also improved, but I still had a lot of problems with doing housework, planning anything, my job, etc.
Because of stories of other people who had a dramatic improvement after being medicated, my boss and my partner expected me to be my cheery hardworking self again (from before my pregnancy that is) in a few weeks/months. Well, that didn’t happen. I also started cbt therapy, but it was way too early for that. I was so desperate to just get my life and household and relationship on track, that I couldn’t be bothered with the stupid planners and paper diary.

Well no CBT for me( for the moment), but I now have a therapist who gives me confidence that I’m doing the right thing. I choose what I want to be helped with, and that works for me. I have talks with a senior psych too, to check my progress with the treatment. He lately said something that I think of a lot. “Therapy can’t really help you. What we do is make you see things differently, so you can handle your problems in another way. It is not possible to increase your mental capacity, Although that is what most clients expect.”

They can help, but you have to use them wisely and keep it simple. I use my phone calendar for appointments, and my appointment calendar is shared with my partner so he will remind me ( whatsapp) when something important is due.
We use a paper shoppinglist on the fridge, and I ask my partner to put an item on there the moment it is out of stock, so the list is up to date, and I don’t have to check anymore.

I also write errands on that list, and when errands should be done within a certain time frame, i make an appointment of them.

Housework is really difficult for me, also because the house is full to the brim, and at the moment I try to minimalize all textile in the house. Already did the towels (freed up half a closet), now working on sheets and blankets. Tried clothes first, but that takes too long.

Food and vitamins:
I already used fishoil or linseedoil, magnesium and sometimes a multivitamin. Still doing it, and I try to eat healthy.

I walk a lot, but no other exercise at the moment. And that’s okay with me.

That’s it for now, I’m starting to fall asleep ;-).

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