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Hey there!

My daughter is a month shy of 9 years old. She was diagnosed when she was 5. She is *very* ADHD- and I have felt all those feelings. One time I stopped the car on the side of the road to get out and open her door and yell at her- so I knew she was paying attention. And then I cried all day because the guilt at having lost it that badly- in her face- broke my heart! I digress (she comes by the ADHD honestly…) For the last two years she has been on 72mg of concerta a day. Concerta takes about 2 hours to reach its potential- so I give it to her at 6am and let her sleep a little longer before I get her up to get ready for school at 8am.

We, too, *had to* address the morning and evening times when the concerta was not in her system. We first added 1/2 of the 0.1mg Clonidine in the morning and a full tab at 7:30pm- so she could sleep. We soon added in another 1/2 tab of clonidine right when she gets home from school- especially now that she is a third grader with homework!! This has worked wonders (We still deal with 8 year old drama….normal 8 yr old stuff) As a second grader she was on the “all A” honor roll ALL YEAR. She has come a long way- the first week of Kindergarten she whacked the school counselor in the face.

Adding something extra to a primary ADHD medication is not unusual- and definitely worth talking to her doctor about. Clonidine works well for us, I know nothing about guanfacine, but her doctor will have an opinion I’m sure. Sending best wishes from one Mom to another.