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I took one of my son meds… I complete hated that. Funny how people call week narcotic and these medication we have been give to our children are not…interesting.

Anyway…just meds will not do the job. It needs parenting…something rare in these days for lack of lots of resources and specially TIME! Why go, when we are young, most of us have a mother in the house, no video games and lots of outside activity. That is gone and coincidently the rate of this call ADD increase. Also, is something else that brings my attention In the past there was not this thing call ADD or ADHD. And I have friend is France, not sure if that is truth, but they said there is not such a thing as diagnostic children with ADHD…nor sure…hummm

I am a divorce parent and I still think the main issue with my son is the Anxiety. I am working on that constantly with him. I believe if he control the fear is half win battle accomplished.

I still don’t believe in this meds because they don’t bring a cure…just treatment. I am try to go with the his mother and the school (how the schools today are so forward with this type of medication wonders me!!!) and I keep giving him the meds. He is just 13 and he has a goal of stop using that. I am still trying alternatives way to the treatment including meditation (good luck on that), cognitive therapy and nutrition.