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Some of what you describe might share attributes with bipolar disorder, which is one of the few forms of depression that afflicts people in childhood. It strikes me as odd that doctors treated your child with stimulants when there are severe anxiety issues at play. I think I may have some aspects of undiagnosed ODD as well, although somehow I’ve managed to keep it inside most often.

For me personally (ADHD and BPII), anxiety and depression are so intertwined that I often mistake one for the other.

Here’s another idea: I just wrote about neurofeedback in another post. It has been used successfully with children and teens with ADHD and comorbid defiant behavior problems — mainly Child Conduct Disorder (obviously different from ODD, but they share the defiance aspect perhaps) The British study found an overwhelming success rate. You may wish to check it out.

Keep an open mind about your child’s diagnosis. I think that psychiatry still hasn’t really figured out how the brain works. There are so many conditions that mimic each other, or that are comorbid with others. Then there are the psychosocial factors. I’m sure you know this already. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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