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Just my personal advice for avoidance of this:

I have adopted it as a ‘challenge’ ( and we LOVE a challenge, especially if it seems we are unlikely to succeed!) to maintain a clean driving record. So – speed, attention, other drivers – I am hyper stimulated (read stimulated enough to maintain focus!) by every little detail on the roads when I drive so I can NOT speed, NOT make silly decisions, NOT lose focus or have an accident because of something or someone I didn’t see….

I have a routine in/out of the car to follow (this means I turn lights on and or handbrake up etc – if I don’t follow it I forget one of those!).

I was stopped the first time the other day (I’m 35) for not having headlights on (I didn’t follow routine was emotional. And in a very well lit street, stopped as I turned off it just 50m from home where I’d just left!). My record served to save my bacon and have police only caution me. I’m glad because if they had fined me, I’d have no challenge 🙁 and that genuinely worries me about how I’d maintain motivation to drive well!!