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I have a daughter, 8 years old, going to be 9 soon, in 3rd grade. Her impulsiveness was OUT OF CONTROL. We did therapy for 2 years, started on Concerta. This helped a lot in school, but we experianced the same… terrible evenings and rebound behavior. It was heartbreaking, because when we could get her calmed down (we offered sleepy-time tea, calm bedrooms, lavender diffuser, Church Music, all of it), she’d cry and be very sorrowful that she hurt others, that she was crazy, and she’d tell us that she remembered her coping skills we learned in therapy, but just “couldn’t do it”. She’d cry that she wanted to be “like other kids”.

We took this to our doctor, who added Clonidine 0.1 mg; 1/2 tab in the AM, full tab at night. I was very skeptical because the reviews for this med are kind of heavy (as they are with all psych meds and children), but we tried it for 30 days. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The first day or two was kind of weird; she reported she felt “drugged” and “tired”, but after that (which she got lots of TLC!), she came home from a full day at school and said, “Mom! I can think clearly and I have time to make the right choices!” Now, we see her using her coping skills on the regular. The clonidine does knock her out at night within an hour of taking it, and she *needs* a full night’s sleep to wake feeling rested.