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Lots of good feedback here! My daughter is 8, going to be 9 in a month, and is in 3rd grade. She has also struggled in similar ways. Last year we made a choice to try medication, and it has worked very well. Additionally, we do the “color coding” and she has a day planner (a simple one we got at Dollar Tree, but it has a page for every week, and lots of space to write reminders). We have used the day planner for teacher to give out stickers on the day she was meeting expectations.

Another thing we did just this past week, was teacher and I had a meeting and we invited my daughter in. We both shared that we see her struggling to remember and stay on task, and how can we help her? We let her process that for a day, then we re-met and my daughter herself came up with some good things! 1) Can she have blue play-dough AFTER she finishes her task. (Teacher said YES) 2) Sometimes she gets off task because her table-mates are distracting. (Teacher and she came up with a “clue” that my daughter can employ to ask in secret to be moved to a quiet space.) 3) Some assignments would benefit if she could work in partners (this was something Teacher was very impressed to hear, and said that she would open that up to the entire class, not just my daughter, for partner-work or partner-checked-work).

It impressed me that my daughter was able to problem solve and come up with her own ideas for helping her stay on task. I think this increased her ‘buy-in’ to the problem, and we are one week in and doing great. Much improved. Is it perfect? No, probably won’t ever be, but I think the meeting format showed my daughter that parent + teacher want her to be successful, and we value her input.