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I appreciate all the advice! Thank you for taking the time to answer. My son has been completely off meds for nine months and prior to that he was only on them for a few years and only on the days he had a full day of school. He’s never complained about feeling like a zombie. He’s complained that it makes him feel sick to the stomach and it cuts out his appetite – he can’t eat lunch. He’s already very thin so I wasn’t happy the meds cut his appetite. He would also get frequent headaches. When we stopped seeing the good grades his psychiatrist up how meds from 27mg to 36mg. The nurse at school called me to come take him to the ER as his heartbeat was erratic and he was pale. Since my son has an abnormal fear of death that was the beginning of the end of him refusing to take meds. Urgent care doc said for his body weight the 36mg was too high. So now my son doesn’t trust professionals in dosing him. We’ve seen psychologists to try to help him but he closes himself up and believes what he wants. His ODD gets in the way of trying to rationalize with him. I’ve recently sat him down and asked him wouldn’t he like a happier calmer life. And what if meds could give him that. At that time he replied, maybe. But now, a mere five days later he’s stated that he won’t be taking meds and going to see someone is just a waste of time 🙁
I finally got him into a sport so he gets some exercise. We started last night together and he liked it!! That’s a first step. I’m buying omega 3 today hoping that will help even just a tiny smidge. Appointment is next week so we’ll see if they can convince him to try for a little bit. I believe this place does gene testing so definitely paying for that. Again thanks for ALL the advice!! And I would never try my son’s adhd meds!!!! We’re completely different physiologically so what might work for him might have adverse effects on me, and I need to be his mother for a lot longer 🙂