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Penny Williams

“Should” really has no place in life, especially when you have a disorder like ADHD that requires expectations different from the norm.

Throw out the “should”s and list what YOU feel like you need and want to do. Make those things your priority. Create a system for getting things done — whether it’s post-it notes, a list in a notebook, or an app — you have to have a system.

A Get-Things-Done Guide for the Overwhelmed and Overloaded

If you have a smart phone, get in the habit of putting everything in a reminders or to-do app and/or on your calendar. Set alerts (more than one) the minute you record the to-do or appointment. If someone calls you with an appointment or a to-do while you are driving, ask them to also send you a text or email with the details. Or, don’t answer the phone while driving.

It sounds like you struggle with making decisions as well, which is common for those with ADHD. These strategies can help:

Defeating Indecision — Decision-Making Made Easy!

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