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Penny Williams

Some individuals just really struggle with waking and with early morning hours.

Here are some more ideas to potentially help him wake:

Iced Marbles, Dog Kisses, and Other Creative Ways to Get Your Kid Out of Bed

Apps That Might Make You a Morning Person After All

Since he’s a teen, I’d start working through different ideas to find something that works for him. He will have to do this on his own before long, and it’s crucial to being able to function on his own.

My son is 14. We have a deal for mornings: if he gets up when I ask to get dressed and get his medication, he can go back to bed until 10 minutes before we leave, when he does his hygiene and gets his shoes and socks on and gets in the car. That gives him 20-30 minutes to kind of lay around and wake up more. It works for him. However, I’m still what gets him out of bed. I need to be better about making him use an alarm clock and starting to learn to get up on his own, for sure.

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