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I know what you mean. My – as short as possible – story: Diagnosed in 2015, 50 years old now, female, complete burn out 4 years after my son was born ( 2010). I always had problems( study,finances,housekeeping), but in 2014 I was desperate. My house a mess, incredibly tired ( too tired to do laundry, or dishes.). Incredibly forgetful, I couldn’t remember my meals or where I parked the car, I forgot the car breaks more than once ( with son in car), couldn’t handle a 18 hour/week job and couldn’t do grocery shopping, not even when I made a list and striped it off; I still would forget 1/3 of items. Always had migraines, but since a few years also daily headaches.
Situation now: my headaches and migraines are practically gone, only a few days (1 or 2) prementrual headaches, but that’s it. My memory is fine now, like I’m 35 again, and I can do my 18 hour job. Grocery shopping goes well, but my house is still a mess, but working on that too. It did cost me my relationship, that is about to end shortly, but I can handle it. I must go now, but I will explain how in a couple of hours ( no miracle, but lots of steps).